This is the most-hyped D 'n B night in CT right now -- go see what the fuss is about!

New Sun Zoo album -- Free download

CT/RI rapper Sun Zoo has just released his new LP, Hope Flies. Want it? Have it. It's an online release, 100% free, and unlike a good 60-75% of free shit in life, it's awesome.

or download directly from Rapidshare (scroll down, click the "free" option, and then when the next page loads, scroll down and wait for the download link to appear).

I, for one, am really feeling "Escaping" (track 2).

Warning: Approaching Metal!

TTEOTD unfortunately cancelled, but they've been replaced by the mighty Wrench in the Works!

The New England Music Scrapbook

Probably the best online resource I've seen for the New England regional music scene is the New England Music Scrapbook (NEMS). Lys Guillorn put me on to it back in 2k4 after its author, Alan, started plugging my column. For which I am infinitely, perpetually thankful.

It really is a New England scrapbook, too -- tons of articles about Vermont, Boston, and Massachusetts music.

Check them out and subscribe to their extraordinarily readable newsletter at

Long, long ago,

...which means before I cleared it with my editor, I started a proto-Local Motion blog. (This was back in 2004, right after I started with the column.)

It is horrendously outdated.

If you're interested, you can view those (very few) old entries at:

Come one, come all...

Hey! Welcome to Local Commotion, the music blog by Local Motion columnist Dan Barry.

My aim is the elevation, appreciation, and discussion of good music -- and the total fucking destruction of shitty rock.

In this blog I hope to fit news and tidbits related to the Connecticut music scene that can't make it into the column. It's also a chance for me to write about music more informally than in the column. Although there is no formal affiliation between the column (or The Hartford Advocate) and this blog, I hope that readers who enjoy my column will stop by for the scoop on good concerts, releases, and venues.

I've wanted to do this for a long time! There's always more going on in CT than I can fit on one page -- and now there's a place to print the rest.

Now that we've got the fine print out of the way... let's fucking rock.