Hurtling Back Into Orbit

Long time no see, huh?

I'm really excited -- I'm almost ready to get back into the action here. And you know what the best part is gonna be?


Oh yes. I'm gonna give you shit. Free. For no reason whatsoever.

What's taking so long? Well, other than moving to a new apartment, another car breakdown (ahem), and a gigantic cold that wrecked my holidays, Blogger has also upgraded to their new version. Among other improvements, they now offer LABELS! So now you can sort through all the entries I've written by topic -- I've even got tags for different genres of music. (I personally recommend the "Shitty Music" label.) It's taking a while to go back through all my old posts and tag them, but I'm almost done.

You can anticipate all of this -- tags, giveaways/contests, and a completely overhauled links section -- sometime in February. With any luck, I'll even be linked on the Hartford Advocate's main page.

Hang tight -- just a little while longer...

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myspacecomments said...

Welcome back! I'm very much excited to whatever contests you've in stored for us.