That's right -- it's going down!

The wonderful folks at The Space have recently put out an AMAZING CD compilation featuring 20 (!!!) local bands who have crushed their stage. Among the many bands features are Local Motion favorites Call it Arson, Welcome, Shadowgraphs (ex-Eschellon), and Mile Marker Zero. The great thing about the comp is that it has so many different genres of music, you're bound to discover a band you like (even if you haven't heard of them before).

HERE'S THE DEAL. I have THREE copies of this disc to giveaway. To enter, all you have to do is post a comment on this blog entry (see link below) telling us about the best concert you ever saw at The Space. Haven't seen a show at The Space? That's fine -- tell us who you'd like to see play there and why. (And yes, I'll know if you're promoting your own band, so don't bother.) The best entries get the goods!

A quick note: you don't have to sign up to Blogger to post comments (there's an "Anonymous" option), but if you go that route, please sign with your e-mail address so I have a way to contact you if you're a winner.

Hehe, "if you're a winner."



MusicMarker said...

Molley Venter from mexico captivated me with her solo songwriter performance. her family was there and well her shyness gave her an edge. Because when she sang she wasnt very shy at all infact her songs were compelling and very good.
She opened for The Alternate Routes another band who has their stuff together. It was a good bill

Anonymous said...

Mike Errico played there. He's a solo performer from NYC who I've seen open for Mighty Purple before this show (at Toads Place), and his skill and songwriting abilities are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Saw only two comments, figured I'd give this a shot. My band preformed with Aarica Rose at the Space and she blew us away. It was just an acoustic set, but there was a nice mood to the show, she has an amazing voice. I just recieved a pre-release of their latest EP that will be out from Aarica Rost and the ...'s. Her preformance topped what I've seen at the Space.